Altaroma 2018 – Francesco Scognamiglio celebrates twenty years of independent fashion in Rome

Courage to the limit of unconsciousness, passion, a bit of luck and some decisive meetings, with people who trusted him and encouraged him to follow his path. So Francesco Scognamiglio recalls the choice, made twenty years ago, to launch the brand that bears his name and to remain fiercely independent ever since. A white fly in today’s landscape, where even the most recognized designers prefer to “settle down” in a large group instead of attempting an autonomous path.

“If I had to start today, maybe I would also make different choices. Feeling about both creative and entrepreneurial risk can scare – says the designer -. But twenty years are not canceled, especially if there was, as in my case, a path of growth in Italy and abroad. I am responsible to myself and to the people who work with me and have believed in this undertaking “.

To celebrate the milestone, Scognamiglio decided to show in Altaroma, skipping the women’s fashion week of Milan in February. The show was a great success. “My first show was held in Rome, at Palazzo Barberini, in 2000, the result of the work begun in 1998 in the atelier I had opened in Pompei – recalls the designer -. It seemed right to return to the capital with a collection of high fashion ».

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